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100 Trinity Place
New York, N.Y. 10006
Dr. Craig M. Peck, Principal 
212 346-0708  voice
212 346-0712 fax 

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HSEAF Students - You can still refer to your Winter Recess 2005 assignments for all subjects.

Founded in 1993 as a collaboration between the New York City Board of Education and The Traveler's Group (now Citigroup), The High School of Economics and Finance combines career education with a demanding college preparatory program. The mission of the school is:

To provide a rigorous world-class academic program in economics and finance
To graduate students prepared to attend college and with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a variety of career pathways in the financial service industry.
To institute new approaches in education to better prepare students to succeed in our technological society and in the global economy.

Located in the heart of Wall Street, the financial capital of the world. It has been recognized as a New American High School by the U.S. Department of Education for our remarkable marriage of a rigorous academic program with an intense career focus. In 1998, The High School of Economics and Finance received the Freedoms Foundation's prestigious Leavy Award for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education Our innovative educational venture offers young adults a unique opportunity to interact with the corporate community in which we are located.

HSEAF is a public school attended by 750 students from all five boroughs on New York City. The school opened in 1993 and graduated its first class in June 1997 in a ceremony held across the street in historic Trinity Church. Our students represent the diversity that is New York City and males and females are almost evenly represented. Over ninety-five percent of our graduates go on to college, including such universities as Antioch, Babson, Barnard, Baruch, Bennett, Boston University, Bowdoin,  Brandeis, Bryn Mawr, Carnegie Mellon, Clark Atlanta, Colgate, FIT, Fordham, Georgetown, Hampton, Hollins, Howard, Hunter, Johnson & Wales, Loyola, University of Michigan, Middlebury College, Morehouse, Morgan State, NYU, Oglethorpe, Pace, Penn State, Rensselaer Polytechnic, St. John�s, Sarah Lawrence, Skidmore, Syracuse, Virginia State, Virginia Union, Wabash, University of Wisconsin and nearly all of the CUNY and SUNY schools. One of our first graduates, Moses Michan, won the Chase Bank $100,000 scholarship!

Entering students are introduced to our school theme in their Welcome to Wall Street class. They learn about business by starting their own, using curriculum from the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Through our unique Sanford I. Weill Institute  for Lifelong Learning, they take New Horizons, a 16-week seminar that introduces them to business terms and workplace demands. For students of all grades, the Weill Institute brings the financial community into the school, helping students connect what they learn in school with the demands of the working world. It provides seminars taught by industry leaders, representatives of cultural institutions, and our own teachers. Courses range from Careers in Banking to SAT Prep to African and Caribbean Dance. These take place every Wednesday afternoon from 12:45 to 2:30. Most are on-site at the school, but for some, students go to other local institutions such as the Federal Reserve Bank, the New York Stock Exchange, Ellis Island or the Museum of Natural History. Students dress for business every Wednesday

The High School of Economics and Finance is a member of the Academy of Finance, a nationally-recognized program. The curriculum is produced by educators working with industry specialists and is revised regularly to ensure that it accurately reflects industry trends and standards. In the junior and senior years students take Economics: The World of Finance, Banking and Credit (which includes use of the Court Square Community Bank computer simulation.), Personal Financial Planning, International Finance, and Principles of Finance (a Baruch College course). During their junior summer, students have a six to eight-week paid internship at a financial services firm such as Smith Barney, Dean Witter, Lehman Brothers and other leading Wall Street firms.

The Virtual Enterprise has placed our students on the cutting edge of technology education as seniors organize and conduct a simulated investment company in accordance with sound business practice. Students employ computers and telecommunication to interact with other such firms around the world.

Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses, to participate in challenging academic competitions, and to enjoy a plethora of extracurricular sports and clubs. They build strong ties to their teachers, mentors and fellow students.

Since early in 2003, our students have enjoyed using a state-of-the-art technology library, designed and created through private funding.

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